What is the difference between an MVP and a prototype?

Prototype: A mobile app prototype is a mock-up that demonstrates the applications design and function.

MVP: (Minimum Viable Product) A fully working version of your product but with only the core features that let you collect initial user feedback.

What happens if my software developer quits?

  • First, don’t freak out. 
  • Create a shared offboarding folder. 
  • Request the following from your developer:
    • Share all credentials and links to each project and project source
    • List all code repositories and transfer ownership to me
    • Provide me with access to your workstation
    • Record a video of you working through opening, making a simple development change and then deploying
    • Record a video showing the workstation and development environment and configuration
    • Record a video explaining for each project what your next steps and recommendations would be.
  • Confirm possession and control of your code. 
  • Read this article

How much does it cost to build an app?

The cost of software development varies depending on project scope and the amount of time it takes to complete the project. Take a look at our pricing page for a better breakdown and explanation.

What are the differences between Waterfall and Agile methodologies?

Waterfall and Agile are well known approaches in software development. They are two unique methodologies providing different directions for various types of projects. Read the article linked below to learn more. 

What is the difference between onshore vs offshore development?

Offshore: Offshore development is hiring out your development needs to an individual or a company that does not reside in your same country.

Onshore: Onshore development is hiring out your development needs to an individual or a company that resides within the same country your business is located.

Does my small business need an app?

Mobile apps have increasingly become an integral part of the digital landscape. For many businesses, they are an indispensable asset and for others, the question still remains: “Should my business be utilizing a mobile app?” Read the article below for more information.