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Better Business Bureau

Perhaps the most trusted organization in America, the Better Business Bureau is an authority when it comes to identifying reputable businesses. For years the BBB has delivered reviews, ratings and information about their members on the web, but when it came time to meet their members where they work today, on mobile, they turned to us to help them deliver on the plan.The mission: To make it simple for consumers and business to gain immediate access to the trusted BBB Ratings and Accreditations while on the go, allowing them to make informed decisions when choosing a retailer or business supplier.

Our engineers worked for months with the BBB to realize their goal. The project required storing millions of business records in large, high-availability data-stores that would meet the demands of local, mobile delivery on both iOS and Android smartphones.

The result of the work can be found on the app stores linked below. Features include mapping, consumer ratings, news, alerts and scam notifications. We are proud to have helped elevate businesses with integrity and to help keep the public informed.

BBB app for Android
BBB app for iPhone



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