Local Company Bank Switch Notification Form

A Local Company Bank Switch Notification Form helps a customer notify a company of their updated banking information for Automatic Payments.

I am writing this post to help define and discuss the difference between a Local Company Bank Switch Notification Form and a Generic Bank Switch Notification Form.

Take an example company, Big State Power.   Many customers of Big State use Automatic Payments to pay their monthly payment.   Big State automatically deducts their

Idaho Power - Local Company Bank Switch Notification Form

Idaho Power – Example Local Company Bank Switch Notification Form

payment from their bank account as it becomes due.  When a customer needs to change their bank account,  they have to notify Big State Power of the change.

Big State creates a Bank Switch Notification Form so a customer can notify them of the change.  Big State is the Local Company in Local Company Bank Switch Notification Form

For Big State, the form has several places to fill out information that is required in order to change the Bank Account automatic payments are deducted from:

  • Customer Account Identity (Customer Name,  Customer Account)
  • New Bank Account Information (Bank Name, Routing Number, Account Number)
  • Customer Authorization (Signature , Date)

The document has to be sent to the Big State Power billing offices to process,  so the form also has sending instructions and contact information to help with questions.

Benefits of a Local Company Form vs a Generic Bank Switch Notification Form

Many banks also provide forms which can be filled out and sent to Big State Power to notify then of the Automatic Payments change.

Both forms include places to enter:

  • Customer Information
  • New Bank Account Information
  • Customer Authorization

Finding the sending process for a Local Company

However A Generic Bank Switch Notification form does NOT have  details about the Company that the form will be mailed to.  Some generic forms do have fields where the customer could enter this information once they have found it. Others do not prompt the customer to fill out the name of the company or address that the form is being send to, the form is generic enough to apply to which ever company receives it.

If a customer uses a Generic Bank Switch Notification forms,  they will have to research how they will need to deliver the notification form to the company.   Typically this would be done by researching on the company website,  or calling the company and getting an address.       This is the biggest problem with using a Generic Bank Switch Notification Form,  the difficulty with finding addresses and processes and noting them,   especially when dealing with multiple companies.

To be fair,  if the Bank does not provide the user with any Switch Notification form,  the user is likely going to have to go to the website or make a phone call in order to find the Local Company Bank Notification Form that has the address on it.

Filling out the same information multiple times

Generic forms often have lots of information about the customer to make sure that the Local Company has enough information to switch the account,  that means that the Customer has to fill out lots of information on each of these Generic forms.  They have to fill out this information even if the Local Company may not have required it.  With a Local Company form,  the customer would only have to fill out the information required.   This situation is compounded when the customer has to fill out multiple forms,  they have to write in MORE information than necessary several times.

In some cases Generic Bank Notification Forms,   have the user write in the details of the OLD bank account.    For purposes of being complete,  this seems like a good idea,  however most Local Companies simply don’t require it.  When the customer has to fill out this information multiple times,   there is even more frustration.

Best of Both Worlds: Generic and Local Company Bank Switch Notification Form

Two different solutions can overcome the frustration that Customers switching banks go through when having to lookup Company switching details.

  1. The bank can provide the Local Company Bank Switch Notification form at the time the new account is open instead of a Generic Form
  2. The bank can print the sending instructions for each account on the Generic Bank Switch Notification Form

Bank Prints Local Company Bank Switch Notification Form

In this scenario,  when a new customer is switching to the new bank,  the New Account Rep’s job is to make it easy. So they would ask the customer which companies they have automatic payments with that they would need to switch.  In the case of utilities like Big State Power,  this would be simple to have the forms available.   There is likely only one or two power companies close to the branch that most customers would be switching to.   However it would be very difficult to be able to track down all of the forms for all of the different mobile phone providers, cable and satellite TV providers, mortgage companies, etc.

This is the reason that Banks have created Generic Bank Switch Kits,  so they do not have to provide this service.

Bank Prints Local Company Information on Generic Bank Switch Notification

The bank does already have their Generic Form which they could provide to the customer,   so if they could fill in the instructions for how the customer should send this information to the Local Company that would save the customer time.  The bank does deal with many customers, and is in a prime position to collect this information and save the Customer time and frustration from having to look the information up.

The same issue applies here though,  there are simply too many companies out there and the time that it would take to organize all of these companies, quickly identify the companies that the Customer is using and print out the forms,  is not feasible using paper.

Examples of Local Company Bank Switch Notification Forms

To help describe what these forms look like,   We have included a couple links to some Local Company Bank Switch Notification Forms.   Companies do change these occasionally,  so please let us know if you find that some of these have changed.

If you have any suggestions of good examples,  please let us know and we will add them:

Matraex writes about Bank Switch Kits as it researches the Switch Kit industry to improve our Auto Switch Kit product

Components of a Coordinated Bank Switch Kit

A Bank Switch Kit is a form or set of forms that helps a customer switch their bank account from one bank to a new bank account.  Generally this is focused around transferring automatic payments from the old bank to the new bank.

We have identified several types of Bank Switch Kits and we discuss each of them in this series

  • Simple –  contains a Notification Form to send to each company
  • Organized – contains a Notification Form to send to each company and a Worksheet to help coordinate the transfers

Within the Switch Kits we have identified two types of Notification Forms

  • Generic – A form created by the bank,  which can be used to send to each company
  • Specific – A form specific to each vendor company to assist their customer with switching banks

Organized Bank Switch Kit

Organized Bank Switch Kit Company types

Washington Federal Switch Organizer Company Type List

Organized Bank Switch Kits have a form or a worksheet to help the bank customer keep track of transferring automatic payments for the multiple companies they use.

Identifying and Listing the Companies

The Organizer Worksheet is typically made up of a way to check a box next to a list the companies that will need to have automatic payments transferred over.    They are typically made up of one or more of the following:

  • Blank Lines – The customer has blank fields where they can write down each of the companies that they need to notify
  • Common Company Types – Lists the common types of companies that each customer may have.  (Mortgage, Power, Gas, Phone, Cable, HOA)
  • Specific Company List – Smaller Community Banks have fewer utilities their customers might be working with and they might be  able to list the company names for Power, Gas or other utilities.

Each of these methods prompts the customer to identify each of the companies that they have automatic payments with.  These worksheets simplify a task that could seem overwhelming to identify each of the companies they work with on auto payment.

Tracking Notification of Bank Account Switch

Notifying a company that you would like them to switch automatic payments to a new bank accounts takes time.  Bank Switch Kit Organizer Worksheets are designed to simply the process.

Not all worksheets are designed the same but they attempt to help collect some amount of information so that the customer has a single place they have to refer to.   Then they organize the process of notifying and tracking the progress of notifying the companies.

Bremer Bank Switch Kit Company Organizer

Bremer Bank Organized Switch Kit with places to track company name and contact info, account and payment information and whether the switch is complete

  • Collect the company names and account numbers of all accounts
  • Track the notification instructions for notifying each specific company (mailing address, phone number, etc)
  • Track dates and methods that notification was sent or started
  • Track dates of when the switch was successful ans confirmed

This will typcially be done by listing out a number of fields next to each of the companies that were identified or listed on the Organizer Worksheet.   The most common types of fields are:

  • Company Name – A place to write the actual name of the company,  this is the only way that a company name is listed on a Blank Lines style of worksheet,   some Common Company Types worksheets do not make room for this,  since the customer often already knows exactly who their power, gas and cable provider is.
  • Date – A date to track the process of when transfer is started,   often room for more than one date can be made so that  the form can track the date the switch was confirmed.
  • Notification Instructions – a place to note how the company should be notified when a bank account switch needs to occur
  • Account #- a convenient place to write the number of the account the customer holds with that company
  • Amount – you can write the amount of the automatic payment that is made
  • Notified – a place to mark a check or a date when you sent a notice to the company requesting a switch to the new account
  • Switched – a place to mark a check or a date after you have confirmed that the company has official switched over to your new bank.

When a bank includes an Organizer worksheet in their Bank Switch Kit,  they give a tool for the customer  to keep track of the process and know where the next step is.

Examples of Organizer Worksheets for Switch Kits

In researching the different Organizer Worksheets,  we found many different styles and we have linked to several of them below

  • Washington Federal [link] –  Has an overview page for their switch kit which lists several steps for switching,  Step 2 is to download their Switch Organizer which lists several Common Company Types.   The form helps the customers collect their account numbers and mark whether the company has been ‘Notified’ and whether the automatic payment has been ‘Switched’. The form does not have any place to list the name of the company next to the company type,  and it does not attempt to help collect Notifications Instructions for any of the companies.   The form does provide blanks and lines for a great number of possible companies and company types that might need to be switched.
  • Bremer [link] – A community bank in Ohio,  has single pdf file Switch Kit  which has all of the instructions for how to fill out the switch kit.  On page 5 they have a list of less than 10 Common Company Types that may need to have automatic payments transferred from.   The Table has a grid with columns to enter the phone number, account number, amount , payment date,  and a check box for when the switch was completed.   Better the Washington Federal option,  the Kit has a place to list the phone number,  which could be useful help coordinate the and verify that the transfer went through.   Many companies require that you mail them a form though,  and this form falls short of providing a place to track the address to send the form.   One unique item on this table is the payment date.  While this is often a bit more complex,  sometimes the date that transfers have to be made,  must be carefully timed with the date the date that automatic payments will be withdrawn to make sure funds are available and not split between two banks.


Examples of Switch Kits which fall short of Organizer Worksheets


  • Central Bank [link] – Has an overview page similar to Washington Federal,  where they describe the process of switching accounts starts with opening an account and then “Gather your account information and enter it on the Easy Switch Kit Account Information Worksheet-Form A (below) designed specifically for this purpose.” Later on the page they provide the link to the PDF Switch Kit Organizer Worksheet file named ‘SwitchKit_formA-LexWin.pdf‘.  Oddly,  when opening this file,  it has a title that shows ‘Microsoft Word – Switch Kit Acct_Form-A.doc’.  If you look at the document,  there is very little information that you would actually need as part of a switch kit.  Typcially you simply need the NEW routing number and account number that you need to send to each company to let them know where they need to go.  In this form,  they prompt you to enter a plethora of information about the account owner,   joint account owner and the new account information.   In most cases you already have this information in your other documentation on the bank,  which seems to make this form unnecessary.  It does not help the customer switch their automatic payments and direct deposits over to the new bank,  it actually just helps the new account owner collect information about them selves which will help them to open their account more quickly,  saving the New Accounts banker time.  We actually call this type of Kit a New Account Information Organization Kit as it helps a customer setup a new account,  without any assistance related to moving money,  automatic payments or direct deposits from a previous bank.


Matraex studies and produces articles related to Bank Switch kits as part of our research to release upgraded features in our Auto Switch Kit product.


Switch Kit – Bank Retail Manager Conversation

The following is part of a hypothetical conversation with the Retail Accounts Manager at ‘First State Bank’ about how Matraex’s Auto Switch Kit meets an important business need.   The Auto Switch Kit is an online three to five minutes form wizard to print automatic payment transfer forms as new accounts signup to your bank, increasing bank revenue and saving accounts which stop at the minimum.

Our dialog starts just a few minutes into the conversation….

Michael: Auto Switch Kit Product Advocate
Rene: The Retail Accounts Manager at First New State Bank.

Michael: How long does it take for your new retail Customers to fill out the forms necessary to switch their automatic payments to your bank?

Rene: Actually,  it is much better than it used to be, we provide them with our First New State Switch Kit,  and customers simply have to fill it out for each account they want to switch over.  Customers don’t have to make phone calls or search multiple websites for the forms to send to their power, gas and other companies.

Michael:  Then, customers are pretty fast at sending those forms in and transferring their automatic payments over to your bank?

ReneSome are,  but sometimes it takes a while for them to search out all of the companies and call them to find out where to send them.  Actually, some customers never complete their plan to transfer direct deposits and automatic payments.

Michael:  Do you bank every evaluate the value of transaction fees or other revenue lost as a result of a slow or aborted switch to your bank?

Rene: No,   but we do know that a customer that completes the switch immediately is worth more than one that takes weeks or months.   Customers that abort the switch actually cost the bank a little bit of money.   There is also the cost of making followup phone calls to encourage them to complete the transfer.   Our accounts have very attractive benefits,  but customers some the process can be so intimidating that some give up,   we don’t have any idea how many new customers we could get if auto payment  by the process that they leave their new account with the minimum balance and return to their previous bank.

MichaelWhat if I told you that the Auto Switch Kit would take 2 to 5 additional minutes of your New Account Rep’s time, and they could deliver every one of the forms, filled out and ready for customer signature?  The bank could even mail them to help ensure that the automatic transfers happened.

Rene: I am skeptical.  Some customers have more than a dozen different accounts.  Wouldn’t our Representative have to fill out each form?  It probably takes our customers hours to find all of the information and fill it all out.

Michael: That is certainly one of the reasons we created the Auto Switch Kit. After new customers leave your branch with an account, they still have lots of work to do before they truly become your customer.  Matraex’s Auto Switch Kit team preloads each local company so your Rep simply select each one as the customer says they have auto pay with them.

Rene: Is that when they fill out each individual form?  Doesn’t that take just as long?

Michael: Ah!  This is when the magic happens.   A single form prompts for the customer’s information, their account number with First New State Bank  And each of the local company account numbers.  Your rep already has this information so selecting the check boxes and quickly filling out each of the fields only takes a minute or two.     They click to create the Switch Kit and each company forms is printed and ready for customer signature.   Less than 5 extra minutes and your new customer has sign-able forms ready to send to each company that will switch their accounts.

Rene: That sounds great but I still have a some of questions. How did my Representative get all of the Customer’s account numbers for their Utilities?

Michael: That is something that Reps will get better at with a little practice,  they can give the Customer a paper with list of companies to research their account number on their phone while the Rep is filling out other forms.  Many Customers don’t have smart phones so if they talked to the Rep before coming to the branch,  they could have asked the Customer to bring a bill from each of the companies.

ReneWithout a quick tool to automatically fill out those forms, we never could take the time to fill out these forms,  so we didnt have the Customer bring those with them,  with this we could have their account almost completely filled out. But what about the new accounts that simply don’t know their account numbers,   if they leave without finishing those forms wouldn’t they still be in the same situation as before the Auto Switch Kit?

Michael:  We suggest two possible methods,   one method is to give them the fully filled out form.  The company’s address is already on it,  all they have to do is fill in the account number for that company and mail it off.  This is much easier than having a customer start with a blank form they have to fill out 10 times for different companies.  The second method is to print the form,   ask for the customer’s signature and put the form in a customer file.   Then set a time the Rep can call the Customer  when they are home with their paper work to collect those final numbers.  Then you mail the forms to the company.

Rene:  Hmm,   that way we could take an active role in completing the New Account transfer.   In our current method we are calling all clients after a week or two in order to find out if they have switched,   with this new method some Customers would have the entire transfer paperwork before they leave the branch and others would have it 90% filled out before they leave the branch.  Sign us up!

MichaelHold on,  I am just an Auto Switch Kit Product Advocate,   use the form below to get in touch with an actual Auto Switch Kit Team Member from Matraex.

Rene: Great!  I will do that right now.

[contact-form-7 id=”9556″ title=”Auto Switch Kit – Full Contact Form”]


Integrate local company forms into your bank’s Switch Kit

A bank’s switch kit attempts to make it easy for a new bank customer to switch all of their automated payments from their previous bank account to their new bank account.

It is most convenient for a customer, when a local company, like the local power utility has a simple form that they can fill out to update the company on which bank account to draw automatic payments from.

Local Company Forms

The larger utilities have these forms available and many bank ‘New Account’ departments have those forms on hand to give to new customers. However, this is still a paper-based solution. In today’s digital processing world, more and more financial institutions provide a digital Switch Kit document to the client to fill out. Most of the time these are in PDF form and are downloadable from the bank website.

So, how does a bank get a copy of the most popular local utilities and company account change paper work to be part of their Switch Kit? Well, most of the time they dont. The complexities of managing a third party document, making sure it is the correct version and getting approval to host the document on bank servers prevents this. Even creating a link from the bank website to another site to download the document from the local power company is impossible.

Generic PDF Switch Forms

For these reasons, banks typically just create generic digital PDF forms that a consumer can fill out, with the local company’s information, and then send in. These generic forms create much difficulty and confusion for the consumer (see How does a Switch Kit differentiate your bank from others?). They require the consumer to research company addresses, contact information and submission procedures.

Auto Switch Kit

Enter the Auto Switch Kit, a web application dedicated to your bank. This secure website has a preloaded list of the most common local companies. We set up each of these forms to integrate, which makes it so that the customer’s information only needs to be entered once and then when saving, the information is merged into each of the PDF forms, whether it is only one or fifteen.

If you need a Generic Form in your Auto Switch Kit, no problem it will be filled out with all of the consumer’s information and merged, so that they only have to fill out the information specific to the local company they want to switch to.




What is a Bank Switch Kit

What is a Bank Switch Kit?

A Bank Switch Kit is a tool usually focused on automatic payments and direct deposits which help customers switch their account one bank account to another.

How does a Switch Kit differentiate your bank from others?

By shortening the time required to switch automated payment.

The Auto Switch Kit product helps the consumer fill out many forms in a matter of 2 to 5 minutes. Where it could have taken 10 to 30 using other methods.

Generic Method
Most Bank Account Switch Kit forms come with a couple of generic forms
A Direct Deposit Switch form that you would give to your current employer
An Automatic Payments form, which you can fill out to each of your utility vendors
The purpose of these forms is to be generic, in order to allow the consumer to fill out one form for each group that interacts with their bank, filling out the same information MANY times.
What is a Bank Switch Kit

The process of switching typically goes like this:

  1. User fills out their name, new bank account information and their employer information on a direct deposit change form.
  2. User fills out their name, new bank account information, power company name, address account number.
  3. User fills out their name, new bank account information, cable company name, address account number.
    This form has to be filled out 5 to 10 times.

Auto Switch Kit
Our Auto Switch Kit takes a different approach to minimize the amount of work that the Bank Customer has to do in order to switch their account (making it easier for them to switch to your Bank)
User selects checkboxes from a preset list of local Vendor companies
User fills their name, new account, and local Vendor account numbers on a single form.
System displays all local company forms, filled out and ready for printing.

What is a Bank Switch Kit
Some banks use a hybrid model, where they keep forms for the local companies on hand and provide the consumer with a copy they can fill out. This method does save the consumer the time of having to research where to send the form when they are done, However they still have to fill out every single form.This simple process by our Auto Switch Kit is better that than the generic, one form fits all method:

[vc_separator type=”normal” position=”center” color=”” border_style=”solid” width=”” thickness=”1px” up=”10″ down=”10″]

Generic Auto Switch Kit
How many forms have to be filled out Filling out multiple forms with the same information, one form for every vendor Fill out all information at once
Easy to select and remember Must remember which companies, and then type out the names of each of them. Prompts for the most common local companies such as power and cable and other utilities.
Faster, more accurate information ou must fill out the company’s address information which likely involves researching the correct address and mailing procedure on it. Uses the local company’s local form which has the logo, address information and mailing procedure on it.

See for yourself how this tool can help you.

Request a demo

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PDF Form Import Tool For Financial Professionals

PDF Form Import Tool For Financial Professionals

The PDF Switchkit is a PDF Form Import Tool For Financial Advisors. The financial industry is tough. Everyone wants a piece of the client’s wallet, and the more you have, the better and more profitable the relationship can be. If you are a bank teller, personal banker, even a mortgage officer or financial adviser, you are tasked with gaining more share of the wallet.What are some of the objections you have heard from your potential customers or clients when it comes to converting them to a quality customer? There are a lot of them, but in the financial industry in particular, one of the top objections for not moving business to your branch…

“I don’t want to have to change account numbers”.

It’s understandable, this is no easy feat. In today’s digital world we tend to set it and forget it when it comes to paying your bills. Just provide the phone company with your account number, routing number and a signature and you’re set. Each month the phone company happily goes in a takes what you owe on your bill and you never have to think about it.

Convenience is king in today’s world — if you want business,  you have to be easy to work with and you have to be convenient.
When you have a special product or service that is hard to find elsewhere and provides a quick and easy way to do business, then you get an edge on your competition.

So let’s say you are the financial institution’s front line, a teller at a local branch.
The banking industry can be rough. Executive leaders push for more clients to come through the doors and ask for branch personnel to get more products in every
wallet through cross-selling or promotions geared at increasing the customer base. As the front line, you have to listen for the verbal clues from customers that indicate a financial or personal need that you as a bank or credit union can fulfill.

PDF Form Import Tool For Financial Professionals

Even the smallest comment can indicate an opportunity.


“I would just deposit this check at my bank, but it is drawn on your bank and you are closer. “

Typically, the conversation goes somewhat like this:

“Have you ever thought about doing your banking with us? “.

And here it comes…wait for it…

“I would love to do my banking here, but all of my automatic payments come from my current bank account. I don’t want to have to change all of that. “

What if the conversation didn’t have to end there? … What if your company had a solution for this? … What if the teller could offer a response like,

“I have a kit that can help you with that. I have all of the forms you need to make the switch.
What kind of automatic payments do you currently have coming from your other bank’s account. “


Now… they can


PDF Switch Kit

PDF Form Import Tool For Financial Professionals
Professional Management of PDF forms for switching business to your company Convenience of having all of the required forms available to the customer
Complete form once and fill in many PDFs with the click of a button Save time by quickly inputting your customer’s information – only once for all forms.
Offer a service which is unique in the industry – set your company apart Increase credibility and gain recognition for having cutting edge technology available to your customers
Convert your potential clients more easily and for less cost. Save money by converting a potential customer to a raving customer. Overcome the number one objection to doing business with you


PDF Form Import Tool For Financial Professionals


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