Making an App Preview Video

Building a great App Preview Video for your Mobile App really makes your app stand out. With the release of iOS 11 the Apple App Store has been completely redesigned making App Preview Videos more important than ever before.

It’s time to make that App Preview Video and we’re here to help you get it right. Apple spells out, in great detail, the parameters of making the App Preview Video, but breaking it down to a simple step-by-step process will help you get it done fast.

People are Visual

To begin, start with the most compelling parts of your app first. Write down a list of the areas and add a couple of notes of key actions that make your app stand apart from the competition. The App Preview Video offers only a few seconds of play time before the viewer scrolls by, so it’s important to define the most important of your app’s story.

Writing the Story

An App Preview Video cannot be longer than 30-seconds. Just like any commercial, your apps narrative needs to be concise, compelling and clear. This is not easy, but keeping your narrative between 50 and 70 words will force you to draft a concise and meaningful message. Read through it, and time yourself speaking the narrative to ensure the story stays within the 30-second limit.

Telling the Story

Many find it very hard to talk through a script while ensuring it sounds natural. Ambient background sounds like dogs barking or mowers can throw you off and impact the quality of the audio. Investing in a voiceover artist may help. A professional will run a few hundred dollars, but the return on investment could be huge. The key is to make the audio flow naturally, perhaps put some fun or suttle music behind the spoken track. Be sure to keep it within the 30 seconds and if you choose to use music, take care that you are not violating the rights of the copyright holder.

Capturing the Video

iOS 11 makes capturing the video of your app very simple. Here’s how:

  1. Go to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls
  2. Add Screen Recording
  3. Click Home
  4. Swipe Up from the Bottom of your Screen
  5. Select the icon that appears to be a dot within a circle.
  6. It will countdown from 3-2-1 and begin recording your screen.

Once you are recording your screen, navigate to your app and begin walking through the visual narrative you defined above. This step will not record audio, but keep in mind that that the timer is running and 30 seconds goes fast. Once you have finished the recording, simply swipe up from the bottom of your phone and press stop on the same icon. This final action will save the video to your Photos.

Bringing it all together.

Editing your screen footage can be done in a variety of ways. You may want to do a little more than simply trim the video within Apple’s Photos App. Professionals and video hobbyists will use Final Cut Pro. Again, scripting through the animation will ensure that you use call outs effectively or highlight important parts of the video. Use highlights to focus on where a user would tap to perform a specific action, etc.

In popular video editing apps like Apple’s Final Cut Pro, the recorded audio track, music track and video are all combined to create a final composition. Trim the video to size, but avoid using fades and other effects that are common in video. These types of compliments erode precious seconds of footage.

Uploading to the Apple App Store

Wrapping up, there is one final and important step - uploading your App Preview to the App Store. To upload your video you will need your login and password to iTunes Connect. The video should be placed in the very first slot in the app preview screens. This will be the first card in focus as a user scrolls through the apps in the Apple App Store. The video in this spot will autoplay. The video should be 640 x 1136 pixels, which if you followed the instructions during the screen recording it should be right there and perfect.

Wrapping Up

Creating an App Preview is not super easy, but you can do it yourself. Matraex is a full-featured app development company and we can help you if you get stuck. Don’t get discouraged.

If you’d like to simply have us build the preview for you, reach out. We’re ready to help you be successful today!