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Weyerhaeuser's engineered wood division, Trus Joist presented us a unique challenge: We need to create a CD that can be updated from any CD reader wherever it exists.

Technically, updating a read only piece of media is impossible, but Weyerhaeuser's need to auto-update technical literature on-the-fly was a very real challenge. An engineered wood member, specified incorrectly, could delay a construction project for weeks or months. Worse, the misstep could solidly impair a relationship.

The solution we developed relied upon two primary steps:

  1. Load a default and current set of technical literature on the CDROM. 
  2. Load an application that would automatically check for newer items on a remote server and download those items to the local machine.

The updater software would look for newer file son the local machine; when one was not present it would default to the CDROM version of the document.

The Technical Literature CDROM was shipped to every architect and engineer in the United States and the project was an overwhelming success. 



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CDROM Auto-updater