WordPress is a powerful content management system (CMS) with a large compliment of plugins to support most common use cases, but the library is not comprehensive. Matraex develops custom plugins to solve edge cases, where the functionality a website or web application owner simply cannot find a plugin that specifically addresses the needs, or where security is a concern.

Custom WordPress Development

Custom WordPress plugins offer the ability to enhance your WordPress Site by implementing customized features that aren’t available out of the box. This can be as simple as functionality to change your site background color based on the type of user, or more complex functionality that offers drag and drop interfaces, which are built for a site’s specific needs.

Our engineers are experienced in API (application programming interface) integration, product configurators and much more. Whether the need is to tie into a back office system or into a product like QuickBooks, we can engineer a solution to meet your specific requirements.


WordPress plugins are inherently insecure by default. In many cases this is a non-issue, but in some circumstances such as transaction processing or forms that need to meet HIPAA or FINRA compliance standards, this may be a critical failure point.

We can develop an end-to-end encrypted pipeline of data that ensures no data resides in an insecure repository. Your custom WordPress plugin will also become a “blackbox”, meaning hackers won’t know your source code, which makes it far more difficult to circumvent your security profile.