Matraex is committed to making our website and content accessible to people with disabilities. and the content within it is oriented around four principles of accessibility: all digital services should be perceivable, operable, understandable, and robust.

These four principles provide guidelines for the design and content of the website and provide people with disabilities access to the website.

If you are unable to access any of our content or website contact us immediately and we will resolve the issue

  • by email ( if you are able or
  • by phone (208-344-1115) if email is not accessible 


The content  on this site is presented in a way that allows it to be read directly or with assistive technologies.

  • All videos have captions or transcriptions of the content
  • There are types of images on this site,  images which convey meaning – these have text descriptions,   and images that are used for formatting,   these do not have text descriptions.
  • All text and images of text have a contrast ratio of at least 4.5:1
  • The site is formatted to be legible even as the text (other than headings) is resized up to 200% or more.


Users are ale to navigate the content using only a keyboard,  or related assistive technologies.  No time limits will prevent users from taking a long time to access the content.

  • There are multiple methods for users to navigate and find content (search, header and footer menus and submenus)
  • Each page has heading or label to describe the topic and or purpose.
  • Each user interface, navigation and input form can be navigated using the keyboard.  As the keyboard is used the user can visually tell which component has the focus.


The content on the site is easy to read, understand,  the user interface is simple to operate.  This site appears and operates in predictable ways.

  • The text content is  readable and understandable
  • Assistive technologies can determine the site is in English.
  • The common navigation can be easily parsed and skipped by assistive technologies
  • All components are identified consistentaly
  • Form entry screens provide input assistance to help users avoid and correct mistakes


The code is clean,  so user agents, browsers and assistive technologies can understand it.

  • Start and End tags are well formed so assistive technologies can parse the content accurately
  • The site uses interface components names that are programmatically determinable.