High Impact - Low Regret Application Reviews

Application technologies continue to drive unprecedented levels of innovation and change. It can be hard to keep up and harder still to remain competitive. APP 360 is a high impact program designed to help companies create alignment, clarify complexity and identify key questions about their tech stack they didn’t even think to ask.

Our APP-360 process will help you and your organization build confidence through in-depth analysis and authoritative review of your organization’s mission critical applications at any point in their lifecycle.

APP 360 offers three levels of analysis depending on the size and complexity of your application:

Level 1
$1495 50%
Level 2
$4495 75%
Level 3
$6495 100%

APP 360 provides documented evidence-based reporting with actionable insights into these key areas:

  • Code Architecture
  • Overall Development
  • Practices
  • Revision Controls
  • Documentation
  • Privacy
  • Supportability
  • Security
  • Software Dependencies
  • Transferability
  • Analytics