App Founders
Training From Idea To App Store

Where do you start?

Course Description: A large part of starting a new app is solidifying your vision and then documenting it in a way that allows you to communicate it to investors, developers, and customers. This course takes you through points to help get a concrete grasp on your idea and understand the app development industry so you can communicate your complete, well thought out idea to others. 

You don’t have to know everything about the app ecosystem, however we believe that the more you know the better you can communicate with others 

Many of these concepts apply to all types of apps, however the concepts in this Master Class are geared toward business and productivity Apps and not Games. 

The idea for the course is content related to creating an app. 

At the beginning of the course students will be given two PDFs. The first will be their “App Developer Cheat Sheet” the second will be their “App Development Blueprint”. 

App Developer’s Cheat Sheet – a list of key terms and their definition in laymen’s terms.

App Development Blueprint – Where learners record their app ideas and vision prior to starting the creation process.

Course Goal: By the end of this course you will be ready to start the app creation process.