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Switch Customers Faster

Your bank switch kit. Automated to decrease representative and customer auto pay switching frustration

The Auto Switch Kit automates your bank’s static Switch Kit to allow customers to quickly fill out a single online form,  and print out all of the Automatic Payment and Direct Deposit Notifications forms they need to send.



Your existing Switch Kit form auto populated for each company

  • Enter your customer’s information once
  • Select a check box for each company
  • Print a single document with Switch Notifications for all companies
Auto Switch Forms are Secure


Robust, security standards are enforced and audited.

  • All data protected with industry standard encryption
  • No personal data is every stored,  it is only written to your print file


One minute* online entry form, dozens printed out

  • Our team focuses on making each step faster
  • Less keyboard and mouse time = more time with your customer
Auto Swtich Kit is Fast
Auto Switch Kit for faster customers

Instant Customer

Let your customer spend time doing transactions with your bank not filling out forms

  • Print your customers Switch Kit before they leave the branch
  • Your customer starts Direct Deposits and Auto Payments sooner

Frustration Free

Remove Customer and Representative form frustration with automated fast solutions

  • New Account Representatives click a few buttons and print out a completed Switch Kit
  • No customer research
  • Customers do not have to fill out redundant Forms for multiple companies
Auto Switch Kit is Frustration Free
Auto Switch Kit in Seven Days

One Week

Matraex does all setup and Switch Kit automation – faster customer switching can start in one week

Phenomenal Customer Service

  • Our job is to make your job faster, call us anytime
  • Auto Switch Kit Line (208) 639-6099
Auto Switch Kit is Customer Service


Flexible form field requirements

Text, select and check boxes supported

Simpler followup

Instant printing of dozens of notifications forms

Secure, encrypted submissions

No private data stored

Always available customer service

Frustration free followup - notification form sending

Auto Fill Notification Forms

Add local company switch notification forms

Automation site dedicated to your bank

Web page input - PDF and printer output

Customize per branch

Save additional time by including with local company switch notification form