Matraex Service Billing Practices

The following Question and Answer sheet explains how we bill for our Services.
Our primary assets are our knowledge and time, we add value to our clients as we provide them with our knowledge and services, and we bill for the time it takes us.

What methods do you use to calculate your billing?

We have three methods of billing; Bid, Hourly and Support Retainer Agreement.


Both individual requests and estimated service are billed for on an hourly basis.  This means that we bill you for the number of hours we spend on your account at our hourly rate.  In the case of estimated services we will not bill you more than the maximum estimated number of hours or maximum estimated cost for the specifically listed end product, once you have reviewed and accepted the product, follow-up work is billed as a new task. In the case that we work less than the estimated amount then we will bill you for the actual number of hours.

Support Retainer Agreement

If you have a Support Retainer with us we bill for the value of the agreement each Agreement Period.  This guarantees that we will be available to you within a certain period of time (Maximum Response Time) after a request.  We provide service to you for up to number of hours in the Agreement. We may provide estimates for services under this agreement however we always bill for exactly the amount of time spent.

How will I receive my invoice?

Invoices are sent out by email after services are complete,  as requested or once a month on the first day of the month.   Emails are sent from

Do you have a billing increment or billing minimum?

We do not have a minimum billing amount such as the common “15 minute charge” just for picking up the phone.  We bill for the actual amount of time that we spend working with you down to 1% of an hour (36 seconds). We do not round up to the nearest increment and there is no minimum.  We offer this to you so that we can provide ongoing and quick “one off” support assistance.  Our internal task management and billing software allows us to track this closely and benefits you with exact billing.

What services do you bill for?

We bill you for any of the time that we spend on your account, including planning, consulting, developing, debugging, troubleshooting, brainstorming, installing, servicing or any other services that you request from us and that we spend any measurable time on.  These services must be requested by you in a way that shows that you undeniably would like us to provide these services for you. We do not bill for services that have not been explicitly requested.

What do you NOT bill for?

We do not bill for time spent in billing or answering billing questions.  

Prior to billing we do an internal audit of each itemized charge and time spent.  In rare circumstances we have determined that, even though we did spend a certain number of hours for the client, it does not appear reasonable so we have reduced the billed for hours to a more reasonable number.  In these cases we have reduced the number of hours prior to the time of billing.

Do you offer refunds on services?

We do not offer refunds on our services because there is no way for you to return the time to us either.  

If you feel that you did not request a service that we provided and billed to you please let us know and we will either provide documentation or we will remove the charge from your bill.   If you ever feel that the amount of billed time is more than we represented to you please discuss it with us. We want to make sure our services are always desired and valuable to you.

How do I address a problem on my invoice?

We audit each invoice before it is sent,  however if you notice an error,  please reply to the email at or contact Michael Blood @ 208.344.1115 x 250 to discuss the issue.

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