Matraex Design Process

Industry Trends

We start by examining the web design trends in your industry. We look at your competition and other company sites that conduct business like yours. From this, we can gain insight as to what the general site design for your industry looks like, what works, and whether your company’s site can go outside of the box.

Your Audience

One of the most important aspects of building a great user experience on your website is knowing who your audience is. We build your site to meet the expectations of your audience and use content which is relative and informative to them.

Brand Awareness

Your online presence is an extension of your company’s brand. A poorly designed site can hurt your brand’s image, potentially driving customers away from your site, while a well-designed site can often attract more visitors, creating brand advocates. Great content encourages your brand advocates to share their experience,in turn increasing awareness of your brand.

Put it on Paper

Once we have a great understanding of your business, we can begin drawing up samples of how the site could look, which features we need to highlight and the color palette to be used throughout the site. We develop a high-quality image of your potential site design. Many times, we work up at lease two versions so that you have some choices as to the final design.

Client Review

Once you have the mock-ups in hand, you have the opportunity to make changes to layout, content, or both. This is your chance to send it back to the drawing board if it doesn’t fit your expectations. Your input is vital in this step so that when the design is implemented to the web, it is done using approved designs, thereby reducing post-design changes.

Design Completion

With an approved design, Matraex moves into the next step of developing your site. The chosen design is built in a webpage and layout color scheme and placeholder contents are applied to the page. This is the point where your site becomes a living extension of your brand. We work with you during this process and as we move forward to the next step — Web Development

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