Holiday 2020

19th Annual Matraex Holiday Party

“Souper Sweet Scarf Party”

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12 desserts a calling

11 straw bales for sitting

10 barrels burning

9 layers of clothing

8 degrees outside

7 movie theater rows

6 feet of distance

5 kinds of soup!

4 o’clock til midnight

3310 Victory View Dr

2 people hosting

1 event to remember

(on the 5th of December)

12 desserts a calling Yum!  But when in the last decade has Janae stopped at 12? 
11 Straw bales Lots of places to sit chairs, straw bales and more
10 barrels burning Lots of fires and heaters other ways to stay warm
9 layers of clothing  Well… you decide how many you actually want to wear,  dress warm – we will have a scarf for you at the door…
8 degrees We can’t predict the temperature,  we just assume it will be cold – dress warm
7 movie theater rows An outdoor movie theater for the kids (and you) playing some Christmas classics
6 feet of distance Plenty of space here!  Plus,  its 2020 we had to add this
5 kinds of soup! More than enough soup and chili to fill your belly and keep you warm
4 o’clock till midnight Its an open house – so show up whenever – we’ll be here
3310 Victory View Dr A google map link for you,+Boise,+ID+83709
2 people hosting Hosted by Janae and Michael Blood
1 date to remember 12/5/2020