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Why Consider Application Software


Organizations generally consider application software solutions when they are evaluating using technology to

  • automate a manual, ineffective or error prone process
  • meet a new strategically important business objective
  • replace an existing solution that has become inefficient or outdated


It’s not always clear whether commercially available software or a custom application is the right solution. Key factors that drive the decision to build application software are:

  • the solution is addressing a strategically important need
  • you expect the software to help you gain a competitive advantage
  • the total cost of ownership for a packaged solution is greater than that of a custom solution
  • lack of commercially available solutions that are aligned with your business needs and existing processes, or they require
    • significant customization
    • more than one off-the-shelf solution
    • use of only a subset of the solution’s functionality

Matraex’s team can help evaluate options and make a sound decision about custom versus off-the-shelf solutions. If you’ve determined an application software is the way to go for your organization, Matraex also has the expertise to deliver.

Matraex’s Application Software Solutions


Matraex’s Application Development and Service team has extensive experience managing, executing and supporting custom software development initiatives for organizations of all sizes and across a wide range of industries.
Each organization is unique in terms of development resources on staff and the role the IT team and business leaders wish to play in a software development initiative. Matraex will tailor our engagement model for each organization and project. In addition to assuming end-to-end ownership of a custom software development initiative, our team can also take on specific roles in the process including:

  • Requirements gathering, definition and documentation
  • Software development, testing and implementation
  • System and architecture design
  • Database design and administration
  • Technology selection
  • Project Management


Why use Mobile Apps


As the use of mobile devices continues to rise rapidly, many organizations are taking advantage of the opportunity to engage more effectively with customers, partners and employees through mobile applications and websites. Matraex helps organizations understand the needs of their mobile constituents and design and develop mobile applications and websites which effectively meet these needs.
Our team has expertise in designing and developing  both device specific applications (including Iphone, Android, windows phone and tablets) and mobile web applications, which are accessed via browser from any device. We have a deep understanding for the advantages and disadvantages of each solution.

Before we begin any development project we will work with you to ensure objectives and requirements are clear. We help you assess the importance of a solution that takes advantage of native device functionality and recommend the technology that we feel is most appropriate, taking into account all factors including budget.
Once technology design decisions are made, Matraex’s mobile development team leverages a range of industry standard development tools to create a solution that addresses your business needs and provides a clear and effective user experience.


Why Consider Software Integration?


Most organizations leverage a variety of software solutions to operate their business.  Generally these applications have been purchased from or developed by different providers and as a result, your organization doesn’t operate as efficiently as it could. Perhaps one of these situations sounds familiar:

  • You need for there to be one version of data (different applications yield different numbers, leading to debate within the organization about which information is correct or current).
  • Applications within your organization don’t share data it is, therefore, resource intensive, time consuming, and frustrating to get the information you need.  Symptoms of this include:
    • Entering and/or updating the same data in multiple systems
    • Extracting data from systems and manually manipulating it to get the information you need
    • Waiting days to get reports that tie together information from multiple systems
    • Customers or partners seeing different information in their portals than you see in your systems

Matraex’s custom software development team specializes in working with organizations to make their systems share information and work together more seamlessly.  Whether CRM/ERP applications, financial packages, payment systems, marketing and analytics applications, eCommerce solutions, or partner/customer portals, Matraex has the expertise to develop custom integration solutions that will increase revenue, enhance relationships, and improve the efficiency of daily operations.

The Integration Process


Each organization is unique in terms of development resources available or on staff and the role that the IT team and business leaders play in the integration initiative.   We tailor our engagement model for each organization and project.  Our team is able to assume end-to-end ownership of an integration initiative, or take on specific roles in the process, including:

  • Requirements gathering, definition and documentation
  • Integration analysis and custom vs. packaged evaluation (if off-the-shelf solutions are available)
  • Project management
  • Technology selection
  • Design, development, testing, and implementation