How does this process work?

Every app requires an app specialist, let us know the basics of your idea and we will have someone contact you to help develop your concept. It can take between one day and one month to build an app proposal and there is no cost to you for the time it takes to build an application project plan and agreement.

What about protecting my idea?

If you have an idea for a mobile application that you want to protect, we can do that. Matraex works with many clients who need to keep close ownership of their ideas and keep the ideas safe. We would be happy to execute a Confidentiality Agreement with you to protect your idea.

Yes, your idea can be reality

Maybe you have thought this through. you know what you want your application to do. You know how this will offer a benefit to the consumer of the app. You might even have a design for the app sketched out. or maybe you haven’t even made it that far.

…Where do you go from here??

Matraex can help get the idea off the ground and on your phone. We have helped many clients with the entire planning and development process Whether you have a fully developed idea, or you just sketched it out on a napkin, we have a proven record of helping clients take their ideas from a thought to their mobile device.

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