Mobile Prototyping


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Our Mobile App Prototyping Process

The traditional app development process would require you to define the entire depth and breadth of your custom mobile application and fund the work of a development team to build, test and launch the app without any real assurance of it’s end-user acceptance or market viability. We believe this approach can lead to an incredible waste of time and money.

Our mobile app prototyping approach is much simpler and more cost effective; we work with you to develop a minimum viable product (MVP) or functioning prototype.  The prototype only has the user interface and functionality the app MUST have to be viable and demonstrate its value to the ultimate end-users. 

Prototyping Steps

The adventure begins with a collaborative brainstorming session to define the MVP and set objective for a rapid two week development process.  With Matreax prototyping you can have your mobile application in days rather than months – and we back it up with a Money Back Guarantee!

Flat Rate Pricing

Most custom mobile applications fail to achieve market success resulting in significant economic losses. Our flat rate pricing and money back guarantee significantly mitigates the risks of innovation and caps your initial investment at a very affordable $10,000. Check out this video for more on this topic.

The Business Case for Prototyping

  • Bring your ideas to life quickly and affordably 
  • Enjoy a live mobile application to show customers and/or investors.
  • Ability to run viable market and end-user testing and evaluation studies.
  • Avoid scope creep leading to endless cost overruns.