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Site Shield

Site Shield is a mobile application, targeting financial institutions, to help address safety, compliance, employee efficiency and daily operations.

They originally worked with a freelance developer on developing the Site Shield application and “to say it didn’t go well would be an understatement”. Seeking a change in developers, Matt Frye of Site Shield, had heard of a dev houses in Boise but due to Covid restraints, not many of them were able to take on new projects. After having been referred to Matraex by a number of individuals, Matt decided to give us a call.

He had an initial meeting with Michael Blood (owner of Matraex Inc.) who said, “[Matt], I think you can get to where you want to be, and this is about how long it is gonna take”. Matt had a pretty good idea of how he wanted things to play out, but when it came to user functionality and user interface he was unsure of what that would look like. Throughout the Matraex discovery process Matt, Michael, and David (Software Developer at Matraex) did a lot of road mapping, discussed must haves, nice to haves, and in the futures. Without that process, Matt wasn’t sure if “Site Shield would be where they are today”.

Matt stated that the biggest difference between working with Matraex and their previous developer was that Matraex provided “access to see in my own hand the project’s progress and I was able to follow along if I wanted to”.

“When you choose Matraex, you get a company that is very knowledgeable. I’ve never felt like a customer, I feel like I’m part of the company and an extension of a project they are working on.  I would highly recommend them” 

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