How Much Does an App Cost?

The cost of an app can range from $50k to $1 Million+. The best way to estimate the cost of your app is through a consultation with our development team, however this page is a resource to explain the factors that contribute to the price of an app: Time, Size, Customizability, Administrative Control, Features and Timeframe. Many MVPs can be built for less than 100k. Read on for more information.

Time:  The primary factor in pricing an app, is how much time it will take to build. The more complex an app is, the longer it will take to make. We charge $175 per hour. 

Size: Larger apps cost more than smaller ones. The size of an app depends on a few factors such as how many types of users will be using it, how long the workflow is and how many features it will have. The kind of registration your app will have, is a key feature that will contribute to the complexity and size of your app.

Customizability: The more configurable an app is for it’s users, the more complex it will become. An app that will have the same settings across the board for all it’s users will be less complex.

Administrative Control: Some apps are used by employees where little to no administrative control is needed by the software owner. However other apps are used to process and disseminate sensitive information and in cases like these, it’s necessary for administrators to have oversight and give permission for others to have access to different tools and databases the app provides. The level of administration needed within the app will affect it’s cost.

MVP vs. Full Baked Program: Depending on what the client needs, we can deliver an MVP (minimum viable product) or a fully baked program. An MVP can be built faster and therefore cost less than a product that has been fully developed with all of the desired bells and whistles. However, depending on your preferences, a fully baked program may provide the experience you want for your end users.

Timeframe: The app can be developed immediately or over a longer period of time. The more intense your time restraints, the more it will cost.

We use state of the art equipment to build and maintain high quality apps to ensure top performance at competitive prices. Contact us today to schedule a feasibility meeting to further discuss your application software needs.

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