Matraex Rate Schedule – 2022

The following table lists our current rate schedule – Effective 01/01/2022


Hourly Rate $175
Prepaid Monthly Rate * $28K / FTE
Prepaid 24×7 Monthly Rate* $38K / FTE
Default Billing Method 1st business day of following month
Payment Terms 10 business days
Late Payment Fee 1% of balance per month
Accepted Payment Methods Less than $1000 – Credit Card, Check and ACH
$1000 and greater – ACH and Wire Transfer

When do charges show up on my invoices?

Prepaid services are billed for and collected on the first day of the month for services provided during that month.   

Invoices will be sent for Hourly services on the first day of the month after the services are completed.   Some services may be billed more often.

What agreements are affected by this rate schedule?

  • Agreements that refer to a Current Hourly Rate
  • Informal and hourly agreements
  • Agreements which periodically renew with a “Current” or “Market” rates

Who should I talk to if I have questions about this Rate Schedule

Contact Michael Blood at 208.344.1115 x 250 or send email to

Service Levels *

  • Standard SLA – 8 to 5 working hours – 2 hour call back during business hours
  • 24 x 7 SLA – 8 to 5 working hours – dedicated phone line – 1 hour call back
  • Hourly SLA – Services are offered as available if available, without a guaranteed response time.

FTE – Full Time Equivalent definition