What Can I Expect as a Software Developer at Matraex?

What Can I Expect as a Software Developer at Matraex?

Are you a programmer who is searching for a new opportunity? Matraex is hiring, and you can click here to see our current job openings. We know that you probably have questions about us and what it would be like to work for us. We’d like to answer those questions before you apply.

What is Matraex and where are you located?

Matraex is a software development company that is located in Boise, Idaho. Matraex has been setting industry standards for over 20 years by creating unique software and application solutions for businesses, organizations, and institutions who cannot overcome the challenges of our high-tech world with antiquated or “one app fits all” software. We also evaluate, rescue, and complete software projects that are abandoned by freelancers or corporate mis-hires. The programmers at Matraex pride themselves in creating solutions for some of the most complex business challenges facing organizations and have created software for many renowned companies and organizations including Penn State University, Bogus Basin Ski Resort, and the Better Business Bureau. If you have not already been to our website, you can check it out at matraex.com

What is the most important thing you consider when you are hiring?

While your programming experience and expertise are important to being a successful candidate at Matraex, your passion for coding and your fit into the company culture are more important to us. If you don’t have all of the qualifications that we ask for in a position but you like working in a team environment and enjoy learning, apply anyway. We work as a team and collaborate on everything, so your ability to work with other members of the team is very important to us.

How is Matraex different to work for than most software development companies?

With most software development companies, you are assigned a task that you are expected to complete with little or no assistance. At Matraex, everything is completed as a group effort and we are supportive of one another. We realize that no one on the team knows everything, so you are expected to ask questions and offer assistance as necessary to get the job done.

What qualities must I possess to fit into the Matraex team culture?

In order to fit in with our team culture, there are certain attributes that you must have:

  • Self-reliant, but with the understanding that you are not an island. You are expected to ask questions and give other advice as needed. 
  • High expectations
  • The drive and passion to learn and improve.
  • Good communication skills: be able to succinctly describe where you are in relation to a project.
  • Not required but helpful: a good sense of humor and ability to poke fun at yourself.

What types of people usually find it hard to work for Matraex?

If you are used to working by yourself on your own projects, you will need to adjust your mindset to successfully collaborate with others. Also, if you tend to get aggressive, take sole ownership in a project, or have a quick temper, you may find it difficult to work here. 

If I am hired at Matraex, am I allowed to work remotely?

Due to our team culture of constantly collaborating, you must live in the local Boise, Idaho area. You are also expected to come into the office everyday and to attend our regularly scheduled team meetings. Exceptions are made as necessary for illness, in which case, you are allowed to work remotely for the duration of your illness.

What will I do my first few weeks on the job at Matraex?

At Matraex, you will not go through a formal training period. Instead, you will begin by working on tasks that utilize your strengths while, at the same time, getting your feet wet on tasks that you may not be familiar with. By using this strategy, we will get you up to speed quickly and it won’t be long before you meet your job description. From day one at Matraex, you will know why we made you a member of the team. You’ll know your purpose right away and feel like you belong. 

If hired, what will be my working hours and pay dates?

At Matraex, your working hours are 8am-5pm, Monday through Friday. We are a customer-driven company so our customers need to rely on us during working hours. Flexibility is allowed on occasion if needed. As for pay, Matraex pays on the 1st and 16th of each month, and you will receive your funds via direct deposit.

What benefits will I receive as an employee of Matraex?

From day one, you begin to accrue sick time. All other benefits are available after 60 days. These benefits include a matching 401K plan, paid time off, $350 per month to use towards the health insurance plan of your choice, and vacation time.

We hope that this info will help you make an informed decision on whether Matraex, Inc. would fit what you would like for your next job. If you have any questions or would like to submit your resume for consideration, feel free to email us at employment@matraex.com. You can also call us at (208) 344-1115. We look forward to meeting you.