Sometimes a simple WordPress website is all you need to reach your first level of success, online. But, you’ll know it when you’ve reached that limit and it comes sooner than you might think. Matraex offers full website design, development, and managed WordPress services. As engineers we understand the risk and reward associated with an open source platform and the widely available plugins.

When WordPress works well.

WordPress is a great solution for many websites. Themes, which offer creative and clever user interface direction, are inexpensive and plugins offer a broad range of utility. Some websites and web applications are not well suited for WordPress however. WordPress is open source and every web developer that knows PHP and MySQL can easily uncover the vulnerabilities. We can help guide you through the content management system (CMS) selection process, and help you understand when to choose a completely custom solution.

Bring your own agency.

Many of our clients will bring their own designer. A design professional may come from inside the organization, or be a partner agency. As engineers we love code. We do the heavy lifting when code gets challenging. We are not an agency, therefore when brand and identity need advanced, we often partner with your agency of record to ensure continuity.

Additional offerings: