Great SQL Formatting Tool

We often deal with very complex, dynamically generated SQL Statements which run from our applications.

If we need to debug them for any reason we often have to display them to the screen and then copy and paste them in to an SQL Query window. The problem is that those SQL Statements are not always formatted to be very readable. Sometimes they might even be on a single line. This requires a bunch of time going through and reformatting the sql statement, making it legible for debugging.

I have used this tool SQLinFORM several times in the past but I keep forgetting about when I dont have to use it very often.

I just copy and paste the SQL into the window and click Format.
It does a great job formatting code quickly and even has some options for how you would like to see the output, I then select the output and paste it into my SQL Query window.

If you use it often they do have a version for sale.