Adding a new XenServer to my XenServer Pool – Homogenity required

In order to add an additional XenServer to an existing XenServer Pool – the servers must be homogenous, meaning that all of the same updates must be applied.

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I have not had any luck applying updates using the XenCenter software ‘Apply pending updates’.

Although,   XenCenter does a good job of showing which servers have updates to apply

Below are my notes on how to find any apply patches  so that XenServers can have the same updates / patches applied as the pool and then added

on any server in the pool

xe patch-list

This will list out several patches, The confusing thing for me was knowing which patches are included in a Service Pack, since service packs seem to roll up all of the patches in to them it seems that patches which are applied as part of the services pack show a size of 1.

search for the downloads from
on the server to add

wget # to get the patch
unzip # to open the patch
xe patch-upload file-name=XS62ESP1.xsupdate

this will out put the uuid of the patch, you need this (you can also get it from running #xe patch-list
you also need the host-uuid which you can get from #xe host-list, but since the host is not in a pool yet, you should be able to just do command line tab completion (xe is smart like that)

xe patch-apply uuid=0850b186-4d47-11e3-a720-001b2151a503 host-uuid=93c98aa5-935b-41a4-9b79-789fa68db354

(A technique that has worked for me is to copy this  text paste it all at once and the press ‘TAB’ which auto completes the host-uuid,  so I can past it all at once rpess tab and enter and leave the system to its work)

 unzip # to open the patch
 xe patch-upload file-name=XS62ESP1.xsupdate
 xe patch-apply uuid=0850b186-4d47-11e3-a720-001b2151a503 host-uuid=