Resizing a VDI on XenServer using XenCenter and Commandline

Occassionally I have a need to change the size of a disk,  perhaps to allocate more data to the os.

To do this,  on the host I unmount the disk

umount /data

Click on the domU server in XenCenter and click on the Storage tab,  select the storage item I want to resize and click ‘Detach’
at the command line on one of the dom0 hosts

 xe sr-list host=dom0hostname

write down the uuid of the SR which the Virtual Disk was in. (we will use XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXX)

 xe vdi-list sr-uuid=XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXX

write down the uuid of the disk that you wanted to resize(we will use YYYY-YYYY-YYYYY)
Also,  note that the the virtual-size parameter that shows.  VDIs can not be shrunk so you will need a disk size LARGER than the size displayed here.

 xe vdi-resize sr-uuid=YYYY-YYYY-YYYYY disk-size=9887654