Creating a Bootable USB Install Thumb drive for XenServer

We have a couple sites with XenServer VM machines,  so part of our redundancy / failure plan is to be able to quickly isntall / reinstall a XenServer hypervisor.

THere are plenty of more involved methods with setting up PXE servers,  etc.  But the quickest / low tech method is to have a USB thumbdrive on hand.

So we can use one of the plethora of tools to create a USB thumbdrive,   (unetbootin,  USB to ISO,  etc)  but they all seem to have problems with the ISO,   (OS not found,    error with install,  etc)

So I found one that works well

He keeps his software upto date it appears.  Download it and run it,   select your USB drive then check the box to ‘create a bootable disk using ISO Image,  select the image to use from your hard drive.    I downloaded the iso image from

– XenServer Installation ISO

Then just boot from the USB drive and the install should start.