HANA error [447] backup could not be completed, [1000002] Allocation failed  – Solution

When attempting to backup a HANA database, I received an error which stopped the backup from progressing

[447] backup could not be completed, [1000002] Allocation failed ; $size$=536870912; $name$=ChannelUtils::copy; $type$=pool; $inuse_count$=1; $allocated_size$=536870912

When I looked at which files were created as part of the backup I found that the entire backup did not fail,  actually it was only the ‘statisticsserver’ file that would have failed.

While the exact reasons for failure are still a mystery,  I found several posts online encouraging me to reduce the size of the data_backup_buffer_size.
Since I had already had several successful backups using the default information,  I was skeptical.   Turns out it did work,  by reducing the size of the buffer to only 256MB instead of 512MB,  the backup started to work again


But the thing that had changed in my HANA installation was the license,  so what was it about the reduction that made it work,  I have 33GB of space I can use in the system.

So,  while I have been able to resolve the issue and I can now create backups,   I do still have an open question to HANA to find out what it is about the data_backup_buffer_size that prevented me from using the default 512  to run the system after it has worked previously?

  • Do I now have full memory?
  • Am I only licensed to use a certain amount of memory and I can’t exceed it?
  • Do I have another setting in one of the other .ini files which limits how the data can be used?


Any comments on how i can control how this setting is used is appreciated!