A new solution for a custom web app for dentist office waiting rooms is our Origins of Dentistry web app. This web app has several key features:

  • iphoneRich media content (high resolution photos and graphics)
  • Easy user interface (Intuitive controls)
  • Fast loading times (No waiting for the next page)
  • Intermittent advertisements custom to your dentist office (You control how frequent your custom ads display)
  • Branding for your dentist office (Your logo and office information integrated into the web app)

Are your patients tired of the same old magazines in your waiting room? Is the daytime television showing advertisements for other businesses?

With the Origins of Dentistry, your waiting room will come alive as patients begin to discuss the interesting and sometimes comical history of dentistry.

This customizable web app can be integrated into your custom dental website and is mobile-friendly. Your custom Origin of Dentistry web app is compatible with all web accessible devices like iPhones, Androids, Blackberrys, or any tablets and all web browsers.

The Origins of Dentistry historical eras go back as far as ancient Egypt and Sumeria when historians refer to the first accepted dentist, Hesy-Re, the “greatest of those who deal with teeth”.

origins-of-dentistry-18thAnother historical feature takes place in early American history when Paul Revere was the first documented physician to use Forensic Dentistry to identify his friend and former patient, Dr. Joseph Warren.

Intermittent advertisements for your dental services can be set to display between views of the different historical events. Do you want to showcase your dental implant services? Prompt to remind patients to make appointments before they leave? Announce a company event or even introduce your staff? These options are easily integrated into the web app.

This custom web app for dentist office waiting rooms has many features and options to add value to your dental business.