Remove WordPress Generator Tags: Powered by Visual Composer – drag and drop page builder for WordPress

When using a WordPress theme that uses the ‘Visual Composer’,   a meta tag

  • Powered by Visual Composer – drag and drop page builder for WordPress

Is displayed on the output of each of your pages.

You can  use a tool like our WordPress Website Tool to see what generator meta tags are exposed by your WordPress installation

Since one of our initiatives here at Matraex, Inc while optimizing WordPress websites, is to remove the telltale signs of a WordPress installation,  we need a way that we can easily remove these tags.

We already have a plugin that we install into each of the WordPress websites that we manage which helps us to optimize each of them so we had a quick place we could add custom code to handle the removal.

This gives us a more reliable way to customize the output, without having to worry about the settings within different plugins.

We added the following code which removed the Visual Composer Generator Tag

add_action('init', 'optimize_fixwp_head', 100);
function optimize_fixwp_head() {
   remove_action('wp_head', array(visual_composer(), 'addMetaData')); 

Once you have added this,  you can do a very quick check to see that the meta tag has been removed using our WordPress Website Tool .  
The tool will also help you identify whether you have any other common WordPress exposure issues.


In researching the way to implement this thanks to :