It can be difficult to evaluate what is causing a slower website speed,  especially when you use a CMS which does a lot of the work for you.

We often use tools like Pingdom and PageSpeed Insights to help us find what the actual website speed of the full site is,   and both of those sites have suggestions for


use a tool like Pingdom to test your website speed

speeding things up.


A suggestion that often comes up in PageSpeed insight for a slow site will be:

Reduce server response time

They provide additional links and suggestions,  but here is on suggestion I haven’t seen yet,  to help evaluate how much of the speed is a related to CMS or server side processing.

  1. Load the page you are concerned about,   perhaps
  2. Right click and view the source of that page
  3. Save the text of that page (Ctrl A- Ctrl -C)   open a notepad and Ctrl V,    – Save as temp.test.html
  4. Upload the file to your website (ex: .
  5. Test the site speed with Pingdom and PageSpeed Insights
Website Performance Assessment log

use a tool like the website performance assessment log to track the differences in metrics

Note the difference in speed,  you can use a tool like the Matraex Webpage Performance Assessment Tool which will allow you to save some of the important numbers you get from each of the sites and then compare them the next time.

If you are on a ubuntu or other linux server and the current working directory is the root of your website,   A quick one line way to create the file is

htdocs> wget -O temp.test.html