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Web Design Vocabulary Guy

Summary: Matraex has launched a Matraex Web Design and Development Vocabulary List centrally define terms for our industry and improve communication internally and with our clients.  We are adding to the list frequently and appreciate suggestions

Web Design Communication Need

Matraex has worked with clients during the last 15 years,  developing and supporting marketing websites and custom web applications.
Each project is different and brings together a unique combination of client understanding and needs.

Preferences, capabilities and web development technologies and are constant evolving and each unique situation has presented us with opportunities to improve our products and our process. Across the hundreds of the projects we have implemented (I should count them),  one thing that would have helped each of them is improved communication.

We find it useful to educate our clients on the terms we use when discussing projects.   An important part of starting a project is to take time to define the vocabulary we use and agree on what certain terms mean.   This allows us to have more meaningful conversations with better understanding and less confusions.

Design Vocabulary ListWeb, Web Design, Internet, Button, Computer, Digital

These thoughts have led us to create the “Matraex Web Design and Development Vocabulary List“.   This list has many of the terms that define what our industry does,   and it defines many of the terms we use in the web design industry.

Many of the terms have a simple description or definition of the Term,  however with some of the terms we have spent more time defining them.   Where we reference other websites such as Wikipedia,  or blogs where other individuals write about the terms.

In some cases there is some ambiguity between some of the terms,  and we write about the differences between the two terms.

And of course,  since the terms often apply directly to what we do here at Matraex, we often included details about how the word applies to the work we do at Matraex.

Changes to the Vocabulary List

Depending on when you happened upon this blog,  you may find that the list is sparse (such as when we first launch this list in February of 2016) or that it is very well filled out,   we are adding words as we can,  and we will enhance the definitions of words as we find better ways do describe them.

I invite any one that reads any of these articles,  to send me suggestions for words that should be added to or changed on the list.  I welcome suggestions:

  • of update or enhance or extend the definition of a term
  • for new words that you think should be added
  • of article links which lend to the definitions of new (or existing) words on our list
  • for articles that could be written to disambiguate two terms