Matraex provides Website Design and Development services to local, regional and national business in many industries.   One step that is often overlooked,  for new websites and new ideas,  is the selection and purchase of a Domain Name.

Many times our clients will already have picked out or purchased their domain name.    However,  many times,  they have an idea,  but have not purchased a domain name for it.  In these cases,  we will search available names, suggest, propose and ultimately help our clients select their domain name.

Once selected,  we can quickly purchase and setup the domain name with our name servers to enable our web and mail services.   Often the process takes only a few minutes with the biggest delay is from our clients as they decide which available domains to choose.

Bulk Domain Search

There are a few cases when the process of purchasing domains is a bit more involved.  In particular, when clients would like to purchase a portfolio of domain names for related websites or services (or simply to make sure no competing company has access to them).   In this case,  clients will often do their own searches,  there are plenty of bulk domain lookup tools out there. bulk search is one of my goto searches since we register all of our domains through them,  however this only works to help us quickly lookup availability of names that we already know.  The client often does these searches on there own.

When the client is not sure what they want to do,  we often spent a bit more time finding names using some of the bulk domain suggestion tools,   in this case we have to dig a little deeper to find good suggestion tools.  The suggestion tools below try synonyms in their search for a perfect domain name:

If you have a list of words that you want to easily find a good combination for try:   You will need to know all of the synonyms you would like to try,  but the interface is great.

Domain Broker

In a few cases,  we have worked to seek and negotiate the purchase of a domain name for a client.   Occassionally clients have wanted to keep their names out of the offer,  because sellers can get big eyes and ask for more money.

In these cases we have used our name to purchase the domain name.

The services above are typically free when we also do the Website Design for the domains,   otherwise we offer the services on a simple hourly consulting basis.