Humans introduce errors as we perform manual tasks.  The following list includes only some of the ways that human nature causes issues:

  • Communication: We describe something incorrectly or we interpret something differently than someone intended.  This applies to written and verbal communication
  • Input: We type something wrong and dont correct it (the “typo”)
  • Sequence: We forget,  change the order and add steps
  • Timing: We take longer or less time than we should have

Some people are excellent, others are average,  and some are downright horrible in some or all of the areas above.
Basically as humans our inconsistency leaves much room for improvement when performing any kind of task.   This increases as the complexity, duration and number of steps in a task or process grows.

Computer software provides solutions to those problems when the issues above are considered.

  • Communication: Software can formalize the exact messaging to and from humans, requiring communication to be explicitly acknowledge and sending consistent reminders if not.
  • Input: Both input and output can be formalized,   exact data is transferred between systems
  • Sequence: The order that steps are completed can be done in the exact same order, every time, without fail,   rigorous rules can be applied to ensure this happens without fail.
  • Timing: The exact same amount of time can be guaranteed between steps, consistently without fail

Matraex builds software to that automates redundant and error prone task and improves on these issues.

Even with software that addresses these issues it is important at some level that a human can confirm that items are being completed.   Our software typically contains reports and displays dashboards which gives managers and companies the ability to quickly identify that issues are dealt with correctly.  Our favorite dashboards give users the ability to see exactly what they need to do next.

If you would like to explore custom software that helps you solve any of these issues – call Matraex at 208.344.1115