5 Types of Web Application Development Programs

Quick definition: A web application can run on any browser. Also, this application is used on tablets, laptops and computers. We will review the five most common web applications.

Shopping Applications

The shopping applications or e-commerce applications are developed for buying and selling products or services online. This application is difficult to design because it has to accept electronic payments and shipping information. Boise Custom Development can answer your questions about shopping applications.

Portal Application

Portal applications or online web portals are developed for email, forums and chats. This tool provides data that is easy to understand. For example, your online bank will allow you to submit questions about your account by sending an email using the web portal.

Dynamic Applications

Dynamic applications or web page is a database development program that is updated often. The site’s administrator will correct or change information on the page. For instance, the health department will update its site to post numbers about a specific disease each day. Boise Custom Development can help you get your dynamic project off the ground and running.

Animation Applications

Animation applications use computer flashing technology. This technology is widely used in cartoons and video games. The characters usually are telling stories that are made for small children.

Static Applications

Finally, static applications may include electronic resumes, business portfolios or a company’s web page. Static technology is located in the browser and not on the server. Most static applications are written in HTML format.