Most app developers start with one but have so many ideas they end up developing multiple apps. After
you’ve built your first app, it’s time to evaluate the process and figure out what you might do differently.
Let’s look at a few things to consider before you decide to develop your next app.

Fewer Features

Did you include too many features in your first app? After launching, maybe you found out users felt
overwhelmed by the features or simply didn’t use most of them.

While you want your new app to be the coolest with the best features, too many features can cause
issues. It’s better to start off with an app prototype with the most important features and add features
as users make suggestions.

Investing too much Money

Maybe your first app cost you a large sum of money and you really don’t want to go down that road
again. With our app prototype service, you can keep the initial investment lower and fine-tune your app
before investing a larger amount of cash.

Focus on the User More

Did you spend months upon months with tunnel vision the first time around? You treated your app like
a new baby joining your family and wanted it to the absolutely perfect. It turned out to be your vision
and launched just as you wanted, but the users barely factored into the equation.

Getting as much input from test groups, user groups, early adopters, early investors, and others helps to
make your app stronger. Our team will help you with your next app by providing an app prototype
service. In just two weeks, we deliver a working app to your phone, which you can use for testing with
users and presenting to investors.

Outsource the Work

Did you have your app developed in-house? This can get rather expensive since you pay for the people
working on your app day in and day out.

When you outsource the work to a development company, you pay when you need them, not when
they show up to work.

When you hire Matraex, we charge a flat fee for our app prototype service. It doesn’t matter how many
developers we have on the project or the amount of time it takes them each day, the fee is the same.
Outsourcing your app development can help you avoid unnecessary expenses. The right developers will
already know the programming language you need and will likely work faster than an in-house team.
Plus, ongoing expenses only occur when you need work done instead of when employees clock in for
the day.

If you’re ready to develop another app, our app prototype service offers the right solution for you. Why
should you have to fork over tens of thousands of dollars and wait months to see your app in action? Let
us create an app prototype for you in just two weeks!