The Managed WordPress Hosting 6-Point Check

Our Managed WordPress Hosting service has features such as emergency data restoration and software updates. An important block of the Service includes a 6-point check for items that are often red flags to deeper problems. Managed WordPress HostingFor example, checking Google for blacklisting or hacked status tells us that the website has further problems to investigate and address.

This is an example of such a case. Google and other search engines aren’t compelled to contact you or to help you if your website is in a compromised state. Google’s Webmaster Tools can be used to declare ownership of the website. In this case, you are likely to receive an automated email but it must be set to do so. This is all you will receive. Just an email and you must take further action. If your website is compromised your search engines results will pay for it. This will increase in severity as time passes. Eventually, the website is blacklisted and completely removed from Google. Ouch.

In my article detailing the Top 3 Reasons You Need A Managed WordPress Service, I discussed the importance of having a human that regularly monitors the status and health of your website.

Our 6-point check includes:

  1. Search engine health
  2. Changelog scans
  3. Internal Malware scanner
  4. External Malware scanner
  5. User Account Checks
  6. Pages/Posts Checks

Again, the 6-point check is in addition to our deeper maintenance routine and is an additional layer of protection for our clients websites.

Changelog Scans

The Changelog scans give us an insight into suspicious activity on the system. Changelog analysis often assist us in discovering malicious activity on the webservers. They help us to identify vulnerabilities as well. Hackers and their script bots are relentless in ferreting out any little opening that they can exploit. System administrators must be diligent and ever watchful. If a hacker penetrates a system, he/she can wreak havoc. This will cost a website owner quite a lot of time and money. Not to mention the possible damage to the brand of the business.

Defend your website(s) with our Managed WordPress Hosting Service!


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