Configuring PostgreSQL for access with PGAdmin

Download and install PGAdmin on your workstation.

At the postgresql server that you want to connect to, the configuration files for PostgreSQL are stored in:


Edit the postgesql.conf file, uncomment the line and add the server’s ip address:

listen_addresses = ‘ip_address’
     ssl = true
     ssl_ciphers = ALL
     password_encryption = on

You can also change the default port number here with the line:

port = 5432

Make note of the port number that you use.


edit the pq_hba.conf file and include a line:

host all all md5

substitute the ip address for whatever your local network uses.

If your login in PGAdmin fails, the error message may report a different ip address than what is defined in your workstation.
use the reported ip address in the pg_hba.conf file.

After making changes to the postgrsql.conf file, restart the database server:

/etc/init.d/postgresql restart

PGAdmin should now be able to open a connection to your database server. Log in with your postgresql username and password.

Matt 01/23/2015