PowerEdge 1750 RAID Array Repair

This blog describes some basic commands to repair an array in the case of a failed disk on the Dell 1750 running Linux via Dells afacli command line utility.

The actual manual for afacli can be found here:

Accessing the CLI from the UNIX Prompt

To access the CLI from the UNIX prompt, display a window and type afacli in any directory. The system displays the FASTCMD> prompt, which indicates you can now use CLI commands. The path in the startup file (.login or .cshrc) must include the directory where the software is installed for the command to work in any directory. See your UNIX documentation for information on setting up directory paths in the .login and .cshrc files.

To view all controllers use ‘controller list’
To connect to the controller with the command line utility, execute:

FASTCMD> open afa0


To show the status of all disks in all arrays, execute ‘enclosure show status’.

AFA0> enclosure show status

Executing: enclosure show status

ID (B:ID:L) UpTime D:H:M   PowerCycle Interval Door     Alarm
———– ————– ———- ——– ——– —–
0  0:06:0         0:00:00        0       10   UNKNOWN  OFF

ID (B:ID:L) Fan Status
———– — ————-
0  0:06:0   0   OK
0  0:06:0   1   OK
0  0:06:0   2   OK

ID (B:ID:L) Power State        Status
———– —– ———— ——-

ID (B:ID:L) Slot scsiId Insert  Status
———– —- —— ——- ——————————————
0  0:06:0   0   0:00:0     0   OK ACTIVATE
0  0:06:0   1   0:01:0     0   OK ACTIVATE
0  0:06:0   2   0:02:0     0   ERROR FAILED CRITICAL WARNING ACTIVATE
0  0:06:0   3   0:03:0     0   ERROR FAILED CRITICAL WARNING ACTIVATE
0  0:06:0   4   0:04:0     0   ERROR FAILED CRITICAL WARNING ACTIVATE

ID (B:ID:L) Sensor Temperature Threshold Status
———– —— ———– ——— ——–
0  0:06:0   0       82 F         120    NORMAL
0  0:06:0   1       86 F         120    NORMAL

Above, the disk in slot 5 is bad, so first deactivate the slot:

AFA0> enclosure prepare slot 0 5

Wait for the lights to go out, then remove the disk. Replace the disk with a functional, identical replacement disk.

Then, activate the slot:

AFA0> enclosure activate slot 0 5

Now, wait for the disk to rebuild. You can view the rebuild process with ‘task list’.

AFA0> task list
Executing: task list

Controller Tasks

TaskId Function  Done%  Container State Specific1 Specific2
—— ——– ——- ——— —– ——— ———
101   Rebuild   0.7%      1      RUN   00000000  00000000

The disk may be ready for use once this is complete however if it’s not try the command ‘disk initialize’

disk initialize

To initialize a SCSI disk for use with the currently opened controller, use the disk initialize command. This command writes data structures to the disk so that the controller can use the disk.

HINT: If you need to actually see which disk to pull out of the server ‘disk blink’ causes the disk drive light to blink.