Website Owners 6 Free Speed Security and SEO Tools

6 Free Speed, Security and SEO Tools Matraex, Inc Uses

6 speed security and seo tools-used by matraexThere are a plethora of tools out there to help you evaluate your website.   We have built a few ourselves that help us manage multiple websites.  The following list is geared towards a website owner and should help you to understand some important aspects of your website.

If you should ever need anything part of your website changed,  contact us here at Matraex for fast effective help.

1) Pingdom Webspeed Test pingdom

A good,  full page speed load tester,  it gives a score and suggestions for improvements –


pagespeed2) Google PageSpeed Insights

A phenomenal resource for understanding how you can improve the load speed and experience of your website.  Google gives you a Mobile and Desktop Grade and then gives suggestions and advice with downloads.    –
Matraex Website Performance Assessment Log – saves results from tools 1 and 2 above to help users ‘watch’ the effect that changes have on their performance]


3) Qualys SSL Labs test   ssllabs

A great free test to check that your SSL certificate on your site does not have any vulnerabilities,  The site gives your SSL certificate a grade and describes any problems.   This is a great repeatable test if you have a site looking to become PCI compliant –


jitbit4) Jitbit SSL

Scan your https:// site to see if you have any insecure content.  This test can help identify images, style sheet, javascript and other linked content which runs over an insecure (http://) connection –

5) Securi Site Scan securi

Run a scan on your WordPress website with securi,  this will help identify malware or hacks on your site. –


semrush6) SEMRush SEO Evaluation

Find how your site is performing – SEM Rush gives you a single overview page with almost too much information.   Take a look at your results for organic search backlinks and keywords.  The initial report is free however SEM Rush charges for more frequent and advanced reports.  Their free report gives you a good general idea to allow you to decide whether you want to get more indepth –



We of course want to include a link to our free tool as well,   our tool helps us to take an even smaller, faster look at a WordPress Website’s speed, security and exposure,   take a look if it fits your type of site –

If these tools gave you a good idea about how your website is performing for you, but you would like more info or you would like to improve it,  contact us or give me a call to discuss your website – Michael Blood 208.344.1115 x 250