Hana – Stopped statisticsserver service – Backup wont run

When running HANA on AWS,   you should always stop the hana service manually before stopping / restarting the AWS instance,   if not,  the statistics server appears to have a problem.

This does not appear to be EXPECTED behavior,  just something that we have figured how to work around.

If you happen to forget this step,  or the server is restarted without an administrator remembering this step,  then you will need to manually restarted

Additionally,  if for some reason your server runs out of memory or disk space,  HANA can continue running however the statisticsserver process dies and can not be restarted through the studio.

And if the statistics server is not running,  you will not be able to run the BACKUP services within HANA,

So to restart HANA manually,  ssh to your linux client and run this from root.

# su -l hdbadm
# ./HDB stop
# ./HDB start

Refresh from HANA studio and you should  see the statisticsserver process running

– Right Click -> Administration -> Landscape -> Services tab


For Reference the error that led me to this issue was one that I received when attempting to run a backup

 Backup error: Backup is not possible because the service 'statisticsserver' at 'vhcalhdbdb:30005' responsible for the volume '2' does not run