Workaround Solution – Cold Fusion Transient Error – Invalid Method Signature Options

Occassionally I have run into a strange error which I could never duplicate.

It read something like

Invalid method signature: xxxxxx;)Ljava/lang/Object; null

with different values at xxxxx

I did a bunch of research into the problem and it seems that the end result is that there is a bug in ColdFusion 7 with the “evaluate()” function.
I was querying dynamically named queries and there appeared to be some sort of problem with the class files that were being written.

The solution was to uncheck the “Save Class Files” in the Cold Fusion Administrator, delete the /cfclasses directory and restart Cold Fusion.

Macromedia also said there was a fix released in ColdFusion 7.0.1.  (you can find your ColdFusion version by following the simple instructions in Ben’s post )

Here are links to a forums with the some discussion of the error and the update.
Thanks for the help!


If your ISP has not upgraded to this version yet you can point them to Adobe’s website to get the update.