7 Big Words in Website Design

Some of these words are more basic than others, but if you don’t already know these terms you should learn them as they may help your discussion with a web developer.   The only criteria for these words / phrases were 1) “big”. they had to be three syllables or more and 2) they had to be terms that would apply to a web design / development conversation.  (my contact information is at the bottom of this post so you and I can have a conversation about your website design)

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  • Deep Linking
  • Localization
  • Minimal Design
  • Parallax Scrolling
  • Responsive Design
  • Skeumorphism
  • Typography

Deep Linking

Creating a link directly to a piece of content instead of your home page.  The content may otherwise have been buried behind searches or link only available on your website.

Where the page on our website might have been http://matraex.com?p=7044,  we use deep linking and have this url https://www.matraex.com/bulk-domain-ns-mx-and-a-record-lookup-tool/

Using good naming convention and deep linking can help a in Search Engine Optimization.


The process of adapting a product or content to a specific locale.

A website may look up your location from your profile or by IP Address and then change what you see or what language is displayed.

The idea is simple but it can be difficult to implement.   In browser translation helps users browse websites which do not have language localization.

Minimal Design Minimal Design Website Example

Not specific to web design,  this is the idea that less is more.

The idea has taken hold on the web as people respond to websites which create more focused content with less clutter.

Parallax Scrolling

The technique of moving the background images at a different rate than the foreground images, thereby creating and illusion of depth.

Some sites simply move a background a small amount as you move around,  other sites have a more involved method of handling the scroll to move through a picture.

http://www.dementialab.org/discovery-lab/ has a very engaging method of moving through their pictures.

Responsive DesignResponsive Design

A method of site design which ‘responds’ to the resolution of the users screen to ensures the site looks great for all sizes.

Often the businesses logo and the website navigation menu are shrunk down to make more room for other website content.

A responsive site has become a necessity as users increasingly find other business using mobile devices.

Skeuomorphism Skeuomorphism Microphone Example

Making the items that are represented in digital form, resemble their real-world counter parts.  An example is this microphone which was used in a voice recording app.

A quick way to get up on the concept is to read Gizmodo’s discussion of it.  You can also see several examples of it by searching Google Images for ‘Skeuomorphism examples


TypographyTypography ExampleTypography Example

The art of arranging typed text to make written language appealing.

Includes selecting the typeface, point size, line and letter length and spacing.

Take a look at a Google Images search for Typography fonts to see lots of examples.

Website Developer

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