DNS Nameserver Response Comparison Tool

Over the years, as we have worked with setting up Nameservers with A records we have found that it can be a rather complex task. So we made a DNS Nameserver Response Comparison Tool.

The work of configuring the servers is straight forward (we prefer to work with Bind on Ubuntu). We have come up with ways of automating the configuration in order to manage the large numbers of domains our Name Servers handle. However when an issue comes up it can take a considerable amount of time to identify differences between the servers.

The time that it takes for records to propagate throughout the internet and simultaneous whois record updates can add confusion.DNS Nameserver Response Comparison Tool

So,  we came up with the Nameserver Results Compare Tool.

  1. Enter Nameserver 1  and Nameserver 2
  2. Enter a list of domain names
  3. Review the results with discrepancies highlighted

The link to the tool is here:


Some other uses of the tool:

  • Know whether a new Nameserver correctly reports all of your domain names,  before you put it in production
  • Compare googles Nameserver results against your own.
  • Identify when a recursive name server is caching the results in stead of requesting them from the authoritative source

As of this writing,  the tool is new.   If it is anything like the Bulk MX and DNS Lookup Tool we will likely add new features as we find new uses for it.

Some of the potential new features we could see for the future:

  • Add multiple additional name servers
  • Save frequently used name servers
  • Add different record types (MX, TXT, CNAME)
  • Control and report on the recursive portion of the request
  • Track the comparison history

If you find this tool to be useful,  please do provide a review for us.  If you think of an enhancement that could make this DNS Nameserver Response Comparison Tool even more useful,  please let us know (email: dnsutil @ matraex.com )