TestFlight is an Apple app that allows users to test their app before launching on the app store. It is a great way to see progress made and make adjustments before the final product is released to the public. After you have downloaded the TestFlight app from the app store, entered your apple id, the video above describes the final steps in order to get synced with the invite from Apple App Store Connect in order to start receiving invites to test the latest app.

1. On your iPad, download Test Flight from the App Store.

2. Check your email for the Apple Developer site email. Follow link on the email, login and accept with your Apple ID (which you use on your iPad). Once accepted, I then can add you to the testing team. Please note you do not need to download any app except TestFlight.

3. Watch your email account for a new email, from Test Flight. Open the email, select ‘View in TestFlight’. This will launch the TestFlight app where you can download the latest version of the app.