Traditional app development may cost tens of thousands of dollars. Some apps cost millions to develop.
If you have an idea for an app, you might not have this type of cash to invest upfront for full app

You can spend too much money or time building your app only to find out there’s no market for it.
Maybe you already went through the process and you’re finding out now that you spent too much time
or money building your app.

What’s a normal amount of money to spend building an app?

The amount of money you will spend to build an app will depend on the type of app, the platforms it’s
built for, the design, and a few other factors. The average cost to develop an app will range from about
$38,000 to $170,000. However, it can reach as much as a half-million and even go into the million-dollar

The type of app will play a factor with IoT or wearable applications having the highest cost. M-
commerce apps can also be rather expensive, along with Enterprise mobile apps. Depending on the type
of app you plan to develop, the team you choose for development, and the overall design, your costs
can range quite a bit from just under $40K to more than $1 million.

What’s a common amount of time to spend building an app?

Just as the cost to develop an app can range quite a bit, so can the amount of time it takes to develop
the app. The amount of time will depend on the design of the app and the team you choose to develop
the app.

For most apps, it will take between four and six months with some taking longer and some not quite as
long. A small percentage of apps will take more than 10 months to develop.

Did you spend too much time or money developing your app?

This isn’t the easiest question to answer and it really depends on what your goal was and how the
process went for you. If your app was rather simple, yet took several months to develop, it might have
cost you too much time and money.
However, if you took on investors, developed the app, and found out it’s hard to make any money from
it, you probably spend too much time and money on the app.

How can you keep the cost and the time investment down when developing a new app?

Maybe you’re ready to try again with a different app idea or maybe you just want to avoid spending too
much time and money on the idea without proof of concept. If you’re working with a limited budget and
you need an app developed fast, our app prototype service is the right choice for you.

With an app prototype, you get a scaled-down version of your app idea created quickly to present to
investors and customers. It will allow you to see your concept working on an actual smartphone before
deciding to invest any more time or money into the idea.

Our team develops app prototypes for a fraction of the cost compared to full app development. We get
a working app on your phone very fast and you will have something tangible to present to investors and
customers in two weeks.

Compared to investing months of time and tens of thousands or maybe hundreds of thousands of
dollars, developing an app prototype is a better solution. You will be able to see your app working and
gain proof of concept before making the mistake of investing too much time or money into an app idea.