Understanding what an App Prototype is

When you want lean implementation of your app and you want it fast, an app prototype service is right
for you. It comes in at a lower cost compared to traditional app development and provides gives you
something you can present to investors.

Our app prototype service takes your idea and reduced it down to the basic core to create a prototype.
It will include the concepts and ideas that show the value and how your app is unique from others on
the market. The goal of our app prototype service is rapid implementation to get your app idea in hand

At Matraex Software Development, we’re able to create your app prototype in days instead of months.
Skip the waiting and get your app prototype done faster!

Top Benefits of an App Prototype Service

Developing an app prototype comes with many benefits. Of course, getting it done faster is one of the
benefits, but there are several others including:

 Provides a tangible concept you can present to investors
 Allows you to see your app in action at the smallest investment possible
 You gain an idea to show off to your customers
 Helps to validate an early concept
 Test usability and identify issues
 Allows for a more efficient app design

There are many other benefits that come along with an app prototyping service. If you’re looking for a
faster way to see your idea come to life, our app prototype service is the right choice for you.

App Prototype Discovery Session

This is where it all starts. At Matraex, we want to gain a full understanding of your custom app concept,
so we start with a discovery session. During this session, we gain an overview of the idea and concepts
from you and begin the discussion about the custom features for your app. A priority is placed on the
features most important to you and the value the app will provide.

When the app is a good fit for us and we are a good fit for you, the discovery session will lead to a
commitment document with a proposal for you from us. This document will provide the details of the
features we will deliver in your app prototype, along with our commitment to you and our money-back

The app discovery session begins with a simple app survey. This survey offers a few quick questions to
help give us a start on what you’re looking for and your app idea.

Our Simple & Fast Process

When you choose to work with Matraex, you will go through our very simple and fast app prototype
process. This process includes:

1. Discovery Session

2. Defining the prototype and providing a schedule commitment
3. Review and approval
4. Beginning the High-Intensity Development Sprint
5. App development, delivery, and feedback between three and six times
6. Completed app prototype delivered
7. App review session
8. App commitment review session

App Prototype Service FAQs

Is it really possible to have an app on my smartphone in just 3 days?

Yes, with our ability to use Test Flight on Apple, or with an APK file for Android, we can have an app
prototype on your phone in just three days.

What is the cost of the app prototype service?

We charge a flat rate of $10,000 for our app prototype service. Full custom app development can cost
tens of thousands, if not millions of dollars. By limiting the features and providing a scaled-down app
prototype, we control our costs.

How are you able to create an app prototype so fast?

With our in-house prototyping tools and prototype services, we are able to create new app prototypes
very fast. We have API tools and existing accounts setups ready to go with your idea. Since our team is
familiar with all the tools we use, it makes going from concept to prototype much faster for us.

What type of app prototypes do you build?

The majority of the apps we create focus on business, productivity, and utility. Not every app will exactly
match one of these categories and we might be able to build your app prototype if it doesn’t match

Do you build games?

No, we do not build games.

Can you prototype with an app purchase?

Yes, we have a system in place to make it very easy to set up in-app purchases very quickly. This is one
of the longest delays when developing an app. It can take a long time to get your account set up in the
App Store and start receiving funs. We will discuss with you what makes the most sense.