You went through the process of developing an app and launched it. Now, what do you do with the app?
What’s next?

After you’ve launched, it’s time to gather data, make adjustments, and, in some cases, re-launch. You
want to find out the features users like the most and anything they want next. Of course, this is
assuming your app has a way to collect suggestions from users.

For most apps, development is continuous. You will launch updates and add features as you discover
what users want. It’s important to know, app development is a marathon, not a sprint. You will want to
make your app even better by adding in new features, improving existing features, and getting rid of
unnecessary features.

User Suggestions

Depending on the type of app you’ve launched, collecting user suggestions is the next step after
launching. Let users tell you what they like and what they wish your app provided. Whether you provide
a survey or give them away to make suggestions in the app, this data is priceless if you want to create a
better, more user-friendly app.

Cut Costs & Create a Better App with an App Prototype

If you haven’t developed your app yet or you’re about to start working on the next app, it’s time to
consider an app prototype. By choosing full app development, you’re committing the maximum time
and money to a project without collecting any user suggestions. An app prototype provides a better way
to launch your app with a lower investment.

Instead of wasting time and money guessing what users want, create an app prototype with minimal
features. Then, when you find out what users actually want and need, you can invest in the features you
know they will use and like.

At Matraex we provide a fast, low-risk app prototype service to ensure you gain the tools to develop the
best app for your users. Our team will create an app prototype in as little as two weeks giving you
something tangible to present to investors and customers.

You can gain invaluable insight into what users want with our app prototype service. Once you have the
right information from your app users, you can make a larger investment into the right features you
know will be a hit!