Pitching an idea to investors isn’t easy. Some investors want to see sales, while others struggle to grasp your concepts. With app prototyping, you can provide a tangible mockup to help investors grasp what you’re trying to accomplish.

You might think it’s enough to just create a few sketches or even a PowerPoint presentation. Sure, this might work, but it won’t have the effect an app prototype will have. Here are a few ways using app prototyping will help you impress investors.

Sets You Apart from the Competition

Investors see multiple pitches every month. You’re not the only one with an idea for an app or a startup company. They want to invest in the best ideas and the most promising companies.

If you’re trying to secure funding, an app prototype will help set you apart from the competition. Instead of just being another entrepreneur pitching the “next big thing” you’ll have something tangible investors can see in action.

While all the entrepreneurs pitching the investors will have a business plan, projections, and maybe a few sketches for their app, you’ll have a prototype. This will set you apart and help you gain the funding you need to complete your app and move into full development.

Shows you Have Skin in the Game

If you funded your app prototype yourself or you had to pitch your idea to investors to find funding, it shows you have skin in the game. Investors like to know you’ve put up the money and you’ve taken on the risk, too. 

When they choose to invest in your idea, they will be taking on a big risk. They are betting on you, and if you don’t have any skin in the game, it makes it harder for investors to bet on you. 

You can Better Show Off Your Vision

Have you ever had a conversation with someone and you just couldn’t figure out what they were trying to explain to you? When you have an idea and it’s hard to show it through sketches and a presentation, an app prototype helps.

You can show off your vision better with a prototype because it will be a functioning mockup of the final product. However, there’s still room to make adjustments to your app before it’s fully developed. As you show off your vision, investors will be able to provide feedback, which makes it even better for you and the investors.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to get other people to grasp your idea. When you need investors to quickly understand what you’re trying to do with our app, you need a prototype. 

Investors didn’t come up with the idea like you did. They don’t understand the idea you have and it’s your job to show them how you’re trying to solve a problem and why it works. 

When you choose app prototyping, you’ll gain a tangible mockup you can use to impress investors. You’ll stand out from the crowd of entrepreneurs and you’ll be able to bring your vision to life.