You’ve finished launching an app and you have a mind full of ideas for the next one. What will it be? Did
you learn from the process? Are you going to go about it differently this time around?

There are a few key things to remember when launching a new app. Even if you’ve been through the
process before, you have decisions to make with this new app. Let’s look at a few things to remember
before you launch your next big app idea.

Will users find value?

The most important factor to help you decide to develop a new app is whether or not the users will find
value. Will they be willing to pay for the app, refer others, or will there be another way you can turn a
profit from the app?

If the users don’t find value in your app, it won’t provide the profits you desire.

How long will it take to build your new app?

Did the first app you developed take months or even a year to finish? Do you really want to go through
months of development again?

Some apps take longer than others to develop. It depends on the type of team you choose and how you
go about app development. Maybe you’re ready to jump back into developing another app, but you
want to look at your options this time around.

You can choose traditional app development and wait an average of four to six months. Another option
is to choose our app prototype service and have something to present to investors and customers in just
two weeks.

If you don’t want to invest the full cost of app development in time and money, start by creating an app
prototype. With a prototype, you gain the advantage of getting an app on your phone in less time to see
what users and investors think.

How much will your new app cost to build and maintain?

Figuring out the cost is vital to any app project. If you choose to develop the app in full before launching
it, you will likely spend tens of thousands of dollars, maybe more. Maintaining the app will also come
with ongoing costs to consider.

You can lower the cost of development by starting with our app prototype service. We charge a flat fee
of $10,000 to develop your app prototype and you’ll have a working prototype in just two weeks.

If you’re ready to launch your next app, it’s time to consider the right process. Maybe you went through
the full app development process last time around without a prototype first. This time, it’s wise to start
with an app prototype with only the most important features. After gathering suggestions and data from
users and investors, you can develop your app better while keeping the initial cost down.