Apps seeing photos Apps stealing photos

That depends, did you give the app access to them?

Apps Seeing and Stealing Your Photos

When you first download an app or go to import any kind of photo into the app, by default you will be asked if you want to give the app access to your photos.

By selecting “all photos” you will give the app access to all of your photos.

By selecting “select Images or photos” you will be able to choose specific images that you want to share with the app.

If someone can see your images what stops them from downloading them? Hackers are able to access information without even knowing seeing what information is available. Compare that with anyone that can see your photo via the server that you allow your photos to be uploaded to most assuredly can download them.

How Do I Protect My Photos From Apps?

If you have given any application access to your photos whether it be web or mobile you have already provided the opportunity for them to be published to the internet. That’s not to say that just because you gave an app access that they have done so, there certainly are honest developers out there. Again, the opportunity for them to be published is there if the application has access.

In order to best protect your photos be careful about which applications you give access to them. You’d only give the keys to your house to the people that you want to visit. Don’t just give your access to your photos away freely. There’s a lot of data that can be gathered from photos, personal things that you probably wouldn’t tell a stranger.

Ever taken a photo of your Drivers License to send someone? Your social security card? Taken pictures at your favorite restaurant? Do you take cute videos of your kids? Did you take a picture of your house when you first moved in? Or how about yourself at the hospital that you go to?

All this is information that you give up freely to complete strangers when giving access to “all photos”. Be careful about who you give access to. You don’t know what kind of person is sitting on the other end of that device.

Don’t want your pictures seen or stolen? Don’t give the access.