Matraex, Inc Has Moved Offices

Matraex, Inc Has Moved Offices

Over Presidents Day weekend Matraex moved our office space from the Southwest Boise location to an newer office building in downtown Boise.  We are sad to leave the home weve known for 5 years,  but were excited by the prospects the new secure building in the prime downtown location brings us.

The move affects only our office location, where all of the consulting, administration and accounting work for our business is done.  No changes have been made to our hosting environment which remains in the rock-solid data center we have been located in for the last 8 years.

We use our own VoIP phone hosting service so moving our phone networkwas as simple as unplugging them from the old location and plugging them in at our new location.  All phone numbers remain the same and you can still reach us at (208) 344-1115.

The biggest change to will be to our clients that send mail to our office Letters and payments will need to be delivered to a different address.  All payments and mail communication should now be addressed to:


Matraex, Inc
1101 W Grove Street
Suite 202
Boise, Idaho

If you have any questions about the move and how it may affect you as our client, please call Michael Blood at (208) 344-1115 extension 250.

Matraex Upgraded Mail Client From Squirrelmail to Roundcube

Matraex Upgraded Mail Client From Squirrelmail to Roundcube

Matraex has officially upgraded our web based mail client from Squirrelmail to Roundcube.

Roundcube is a modern mail client utilizing newer technologies for faster and more feature rich mail interaction.  Roundcube runs on our Linux webservers, utilizing Apache, PHP and MySQL.  The software connects to the mail server using the IMAP protocol.

All address book contacts and preferences were imported to Roundcube from Squirellmail at the time of the transition.

As well as updating and implementing their own technologies, Matraex provides server administration, open source production implementation and software customizations to business as a service.

Users with questions about the new mail service or Matraex Consulting Services should contact:

Michael Blood
Matraex, Inc


Moved Into Our New Space

Moved Into Our New Space

Well, after about a month of construction a couple of weeks of waiting for cubicles and desks we have finally moved our offices across the hall to Suite 150 in the same building (1450 Eagle Flight Way Boise, Idaho 83709)

As we all expected we love it, Everything is new, It’s more private, there’s more space and natural light, our conference room is big enough for us to use, the a kitchen has a sink, the server room is isolated and quieter, the list goes on an on.

We are happy to be in new office and to show it off to anyone that wants to drop by, consider this an open invitation.

Our original office suite is being slightly remodeled to make an expaned space in our Executive suite. In the future this office will be layed out to handle growth in our Network Office Support services department.

Matraex Expanding in Boise

Matraex, Inc is expanding!  We have signed a new 5 year lease with Sundance Co to double our current office space (Suite 125) by adding a second office space (Suite 150).   After a tenant across the hall moved out from our current location at 1450 Eagle Flight way in Boise, we began watching to see if we could expand to it.  After several months of negotiations and planning the layout was decided, agreements were signed and as of February 4th renovations have begun.  The schedule move in date will be March 1st 2008.

The expanded space will have 6 new office spaces as well as a dedicated server room, a conference and break room as well as a reception area.    Long frontage windows will provide 4 offices with full length windows, which will allow a lot more natural light into our lives than Suite 125 did.  The new conference room / break room will have a sink and dishwasher.  While this seems small, it is actually something that we really pushed for, we can now graduate from paper cups and plates to real plates, utensils and coffee cups!  Best of all our conference room will fit all of the employees in the company.

Here is the new plan, The walls in green will be torn down,  the walls in red will be added to

Customers and Clients can continue to send correspondence, letters and information to Suite 125 however we will transition to using Suite 150 for this in the near future.

As soon as the renovations are complete all of the current employees will head over and stake claim to their space.  While the renovations to our original space have not yet been decided we plan that it will be used for our growing office network support services.   Some of this space will actually be used for our €œco-leasors€, SpeedyQuick Networks, Inc.  As their operation has expanded they now have a need for 3 offices within this suite.

The 5 year $280,00+ deal marks our 9th year in business.  Matraex previously has been in this building for only 2 years but this lease shows our commitment to this building.  The building also houses several other IT companies including Solutions Pro.  Since we have utilized Solutions Pro for our data center over the last 7 years we feel very comfortable here.  The fact that we have up to 1 GB connections to our live and development servers allows us to work quickly and efficiency without a slower less reliable DSL or T1 internet connection in the way.   We can not picture a more ideal location for our business.

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